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In 2014, the Saint Paul City Council adopted waste diversion goals for the City, setting a goal of 50% waste diversion by 2020 and an 80% waste diversion by 2030. The City of Saint Paul’s Recycling and Garbage Programs work to provide residents with education and programs that promote reduction, repair, reuse, and recycling.

Saint Paul contracts with several haulers to provide citywide recycling and garbage collection services to residents living in 1-4unit properties. Recyclables are processed and sorted at Eureka Recycling’s Material Recovery Facility and transported to markets in the Twin Cities metroarea, the Midwest, and NorthAmerican to be made into new consumer products. Garbage collected in the City of Saint Paul goes to the Ramsey/Washington Recycling & Energy Center (R&ECenter). The material is processed to produce fuel used by Xcel Energy to generate electricity. Learn more at

The City of Saint Paul’s Recycling and Garbage Programs also provide programming and events that help reduce waste through recycling and reuse.

Diversion Rates Graph 2019-2022

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Information updated 05/24/2023