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The project schedule has been delayed to better accommodate economic conditions and further analyze the project site.


The Mission of the Wakan Tipi Center is to serve as an intergenerational gathering place that honors Wakan Tipi and the maka paha as Dakota sacred sites. The project will connect people to the landscape through immersive experiences in Dakota history, lifeways, language, and values. The building will feature an exhibit hall, classroom, ceremony & community gathering area, and teaching kitchen to showcase and expand the value of the Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary as a place for cultural healing, life-long learning, and inspiration. Sustainable efforts include roof-mounted solar panels and a geothermal energy system for heating and cooling of the building.

Construction of this project will occur in multiple phases. The first phase, utility installation and site grading, began in the summer of 2022 and will be completed in early 2023. The second phase consists of construction of the Wakan Tipi Center building and temporary site access. Building construction is anticipated to take 10-months with a public opening in the summer of 2024. The third and final phase includes the construction of a permanent parking lot and improved site access and will begin following the reconstruction of the Kellogg/3rd Street Bridge adjacent to the site.

Additional project information can be found at the website of our project partner, The Lower Phalen Creek Project, Wakan Tipi Center — Lower Phalen Creek Project


What's left to do?

  • Todo5/31/2023

    Complete Earthwork and Utilities in Preparation for Building Construction

    The first phase of construction, earthwork and utility installation, began at the end of summer 2022.

  • Todo6/1/2023

    Start Building Construction

    Construction of the Wakan Tipi Center building will begin in summer of 2023.

Summary and contacts


8/24/2018 → 3/29/2024

Responsible organizations

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    The City of Saint Paul is partnering with the Lower Phalen Creek Project.

Contact persons

  • Main contact person Christopher Stark

    Christopher Stark

    City of Saint Paul

Information updated 02/02/2023