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Xcel Energy Commits to Decarbonization Plan


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Xcel Energy provides both electric and natural gas services for the City of Saint Paul. While these services are essential, they also contribute to the emission of carbon dioxide, which worsens the effects of climate change. Decarbonization refers to the process of reducing or eliminating the emission of greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide, from various sources such as energy production, transportation, and industrial processes. The goal of decarbonization is to mitigate climate change and its impacts by transitioning to low-carbon or carbon-neutral alternatives.

In 2022 Xcel Energy’s electricity in Minnesota was 69% carbon-free with 41% from renewable energy sources. Xcel Energy plans to reduce carbon emissions by 85% from the electricity it provides in Minnesota by 2030 compared to 2005 and is committed to delivering natural gas service with net-zero emissions by 2050.

Xcel Carbon Reductions Trajectory declines throughout the years

Xcel Energy's percentage of carbon emissions reductions

Xcel Energy is an investor-owned utility regulated by the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission and the Minnesota Department of Commerce.

Xcel Energy’s stated priorities are to:

  1. Lead the clean energy transition
  2. Enhance the customer experience
  3. Keep bills low

Xcel's integrated plan to close coal plants, add renewables, Continue carbon-free nuclear and enable a carbon-free future

In 2023, the Minnesota Legislature passed a new law that requires all electric utilities in the state to provide 100% carbon free electricity by 2040. In addition, the Natural gas Innovation Act, passed in 2021, provides gas utilites a mechanism to bring foward plans to reduce emissions from natural gas use through a broad range of options including energy efficiency, electrification, renewable natural gas, hydrogen, district geothermal, and others.

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Information updated 05/30/2023