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City Buildings Powered by Geothermal Energy

Image: Arlington Hills Community Center


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The City of Saint Paul is committed to expanding the use of renewable energy as it works toward achieving carbon neutrality in municipal operations by 2030. The city is utilizing geothermal energy, when applicable, for low-carbon and energy-efficient heating and cooling at municipal buildings.

In 2014, the City installed a geothermal system at the Arlington Hills Community Center. To provide cooling at the 41,000 square foot facility, a geothermal heat pump loop serves three air handling units (AHUs) and three rooftop units (RTUs) with direct expansion (DX) cooling. A geothermal loop provides heat to 21 heat pumps and variable air volume systems (VAVs) are equipped with electric reheat. An electric boiler provides supplemental heat to the loop.

Geothermal Energy at Arlington Hills Community Center

The City of Saint Paul also plans to incorporate geothermal energy systems at the new North End Community Center and Wakan Tipi Center, and is currently exploring geothermal energy opportunities for the Como Zoo & Conservatory campus as well.

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    Cecilia Govrik

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Information updated 08/08/2023