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North End Community Center Rebuilds to Lead in Sustainability

Image: Snow Kreilich Architects


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On time

Project construction is well underway and will be wrapping up work on the new building in the 4th quarter of 2024. Some landscaping items will be completed in Spring of 2025.


The North End Community Center includes construction of a new 25,000 square foot building and enhancements to an existing 6-acre park in Saint Paul's North End neighborhood. The project aims to be a leader in sustainability.

Included in the design is and on-site geothermal well field for ground source heating and cooling and a roof-mounted solar array for on-site energy production. It will also include substantial stormwater mitigation strategies including underground stormwater retention chambers and pumps to slow the rate and improve the quality of stormwater entering the City's existing infrastructure.

These shared spaces include:

  • Multi-purpose community rooms
  • A teaching kitchen
  • Youth ("Rec Check") room
  • Teen rooms
  • Gymnasium
  • Dance room
  • Fitness room
  • Study room

Park enhancements include:

  • A multi-use artificial turf field
  • Playground area
  • Sepak/takraw/badminton courts
  • Picnic areas
  • Underground stormwater treatment
  • Off-street parking
  • Lighting
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Additional non-programmed green space

3D rendered image of the proposed North End Community Center


What's left to do?

  • Todo11/30/2022

    Start of Construction

    Following contract execution and permit completion, the contractor will mobilize and begin construction. An 18-month construction period is anticipated.

Summary and contacts


9/28/2019 → 12/31/2024

Responsible organizations

Contact persons

  • Main contact person Christopher Stark
    Christopher Stark
    City of Saint Paul
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