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Mississippi River Learning Center: A Vibrant Destination for All


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The Mississippi River Learning Center is a vibrant city-led project that aims to combine a mixed-use, river-focused space serving as a prestigious national gateway to the Mississippi River. The Conservancy strives to ensure that everyone, people of color, of all ages, and of different physical capabilities are able to experience the land, water, art, and culture of the Mississippi. With a National Park Service headquarters at the Crosby Farm Regional Park, this center represents a dynamic collaboration between the City of Saint Paul, Great River Passage Conservancy, Mississippi Park Connection, the National Park Service, Your Boat Club, and Wilderness Inquiry.

As an organization whose core value is equity, the Great River Passage Conservancy works to make Saint Paul’s 17 miles of Mississippi River welcoming to all. Acknowledging that the river flows through the traditional homelands of the Dakota, the Conservancy recognizes that centuries of systemic exclusion have made natural spaces, including the river, less accessible to Indigenous people and other BIPOC communities. The organization is committed to pursuing policies and programs that address systemic injustices and ensure that the river is beautiful, safe, and accessible to all. Ultimately, the Great River Passage Conservancy aims to build a new, more inclusive relationship to the river, bringing the Mississippi back to the center of public life in Saint Paul.

The schematic design phase of the project will be carried out under the guidance of W Architecture & Landscape Architecture. This phase includes rigorous site analysis, exploration of design concepts, and program development, providing a comprehensive overview of the fundamental features and aesthetics of the project.

As the Mississippi River Learning Center enters the next phase of its development, its creators and partners remain steadfast in their commitment to delivering a unique and immersive experience to visitors. With its impressive design and captivating programming, the Center promises to be an unparalleled destination for all those seeking to connect with the majesty and wonder of the Mississippi River.

Complete information and updates can be found at the link below.

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