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Energy Cents Coalition Takes Action on Energy Poverty


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The Energy CENTS Coalition (ECC) program aims to address the challenges faced by low-income households and communities due to high energy costs and unfair utility practices. The ECC is the implementer of low-income Home Energy Savings Programs (HESP) in Saint Paul, utilizing Conservation Improvement Program funds from Xcel Energy.

The pie graph below shows the percentage of Home Energy Saving Program Spending in St. Paul.

Pie graph of percentage of Home Energy Saving Program Spending in St. Paul, shows 71% of spending was on Gas, 14% on Electric, 11% on Health & Safety, and 3% on Audits

Through policy development, legislative advocacy, regulatory participation, and funding programs, the coalition strives to guarantee affordable and universal utility service, invest in low-income conservation and demand management programs, and protect low-income customers during the restructuring of the utility industry.

Home Energy Savings Program Data 2022 compared to the total ECC households

Additionally, Energy CENTS has secured over $116 million in non-federal resources to assist low-income energy consumers with bill payment, conservation, and local projects. The program's ultimate goal is to ensure that all citizens have access to affordable and reliable energy while empowering low and fixed-income individuals to participate in energy-related decision-making.

HESP Total Goals shwos that over $3 Million were given as rebates for Energy savings

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    Kurt Schultz
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    City of Saint Paul
Information updated 04/12/2023