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Home Energy Squad: Low-Cost Home Visits Improve Energy Efficiency

Home Energy Squad (HES) is a program funded by the Center for Energy and the Environment which is part of Xcel Energy's Conservation Improvement Programs in Saint Paul.

Every year, an increasing number of households benefit from energy and cost savings through the installation of improvements by the Home Energy Squad.

In 2021 Home Energy Squad Saves over 175,000 kWh of electric energy and over 15,000 Th of Natural Gas Energy Savings

The HES program offers affordable home visits that involve one or more of the following services:

  • Direct installs of energy saving devices such as LED bulbs, door and attic hatch weather-stripping, high efficiency water fixtures, and programmable or smart thermostats
  • Assess and adjust water heater temperature
  • Perform a blower door test to assess home air leaks
  • Inspect attic and wall insultation
  • Safety test the heating and hot water systems
  • Suggesting cost-efficient energy efficiency improvements that could be made to the home and supplying a list of qualified contractors, financing options, and utility rebates.

Home Energy Squad Installments: LED Bulbs, Programmable thermostat/smart thermostat, showerhead, faucet aerator, door weatherstipping

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  • Main contact person Kurt Schultz
    Kurt Schultz
    Program Coordinator
    City of Saint Paul
Information updated 17.04.2023