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The City of Saint Paul has begun the process of converting our passenger vehicle fleet from gasoline-powered internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to electric vehicles and hybrids.

The number of electric vehicles for City fleet has increased since 2020, while the number of internal combustion engines has decreased.

The City continues to look for additional opportunities to advance this transition. The City is participating in an Xcel Energy fleet charging pilot program that will install Level 2 electric charging infrastructure at several City facility locations in 2023 that will make a faster transition to EV's more feasible in the near future.

Displayed in the bar graph below are the annual gallons of fuel procured for the city's fleet, divided into Diesel and Unleaded categories. This emphasizes the significance of adopting electric vehicles and curbing the transportation sector's greenhouse gas emissions.

Annual gallons of fuel purchased for city fleet for Diesel and Unleaded vehicles

In March 2023 the City of Saint Paul announced the purchase of the first all-electric fire truck in Minnesota. The truck will arrive and begin use in 2025.

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Information updated 04/13/2023